Liverpool Taxi Drivers Trained

Liverpool Cab Drivers Come Together to Receive Training on Bleeding Control and Receive Bleeding Control Packs.

In another UK first, almost 50 Liverpool black cab drivers, who are all members of Taxi Alliance Liverpool, received training in bleeding control from the KnifeSavers team. After their training they received KnifeSavers bleeding control kits for their vehicles.  The packs were funded by the Pub Invest Group, funding the packs for black cabs drivers who work in the L1, L2 and L3 areas of the city. The training event and funding of the packs was facilitated by Jamie Motlagh, Director of the PubInvest Group, and John Hughes, Chief Executive of Liverpool Nightlife.


Jamie Motlagh, Director of Pub Invest Group, said:

“We are passionate about our city and also the safety of anyone who comes into the city centre for a night out. Anything we can do to prevent incidents, we do across all our sites from Concert Square and Seel Street to Mathew Street and James Street. These packs are something we wish were not needed but we look at this as something that if it saves one life, then they are more than worth it.”

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