It can take only
5 minutes...

for someone to
bleed to death...

from a knife wound.

It takes an ambulance...

an average of 7 minutes
to reach them.

Would you know
what to do?

One in four victims were men aged 18 -24

The number of knife-related homicides went from 272 in 2007 to 186 in 2015. Since then it's risen every year, with a steep increase in 2017-18, when there were 285 killings, the highest figure since 1946.

Who are KnifeSavers?

KnifeSavers is a not-for-profit organisation, aiming to empower and educate the general public to deal with life threatening bleeding caused by knife injuries, through our specialist ‘Bleeding Control Kits” ,national education programme, and our step-by-step smartphone app.

KnifeSavers wants the public to be able to stop the bleeding - keeping someone alive for long enough to get them an ambulance, and get them to hospital. We want you to know what to do, and have the tools to do it.

Become a KnifeSaver, today.


Deaths due to knife crimes have increased by 36% since 2011

How to control
bleeding from a
knife wound.

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