KnifeSavers is a
ground breaking
new campaign to
educate and empower
people on how to
treat life threatening
knife injuries.

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Learn how to control major bleeding from knife wounds, with instructions from specialist trauma surgeons, doctors and nurses.


The techniques on bleeding control are presented in a straightforward, no frills visual style. The app can be used in a real time emergency situation, where a step by step guide shows you how to control major bleeding.

KnifeSavers is a not-for-profit programme that empowers people to deal with bleeding caused by knife injuries through our Bleed Control Kits, education programme, and our step-by-step app.

After being stabbed, a person can bleed to death in just 5 minutes. A rapid response ambulance often takes 7 minutes to arrive at the scene.

KnifeSavers wants everyone to be able to stop the bleeding - keeping someone alive for long enough to get them an ambulance, and get them to hospital. Our aim is for you to know what to do, and have the tools to do it. This is knowledge that no-one can afford to be without.

KnifeSavers has been founded by trauma doctors at the Major Trauma Centre at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, in conjunction with victims of knife trauma and their families.

Every component has been designed with first-hand knowledge of the medical care required to treat the traumatic injuries sustained following a knife wound. 

There are three simple and effective elements to KnifeSavers:

  1. The delivery of a practical educational programme, both throughout our local community and nationally, to equip members of the public with the skills necessary to control bleeding following a knife wound.
  2. The development of a rapid access, real-time ‘bleeding control’ guide - available online and through a smartphone app - to support those who are dealing with a knife wound in front of them.
  3. The delivery of KnifeSavers ‘Bleeding Control Packs’ which are placed in strategic locations around the city of Liverpool. These packs have been specially designed to provide real-time assistance to those who are dealing with bleeding from a knife wound, giving them high quality, life-saving equipment. Our app and education programme explain how to use the equipment contained within these packs.

With the use of Bleeding Control Packs, on a foundation of education and online guidance, KnifeSavers empowers individuals to save the lives of those affected by knife crime, and makes a positive difference to communities where knife crime has caused devastation.

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  • To save lives from major bleeding due to knife injuries.
  • Just one life saved will define this campaign as being a success.

It can take only 5 minutes for someone to bleed to death from a knife wound.

Would you know
what to do?

Mission Statement

Our vision is have a city, and a country, where deaths from knife wounds are significantly decreasing in number, and more lives are being saved.

Our values are to work with honesty and integrity in our approach , to be open and communicative, be flexible and innovative and finally to educate with enthusiasm and drive.

Our goals are to educate and empower everyone in the country on how to stop major bleeding from knife wounds.


Why do we need KnifeSavers?

KnifeSavers has been developed in response to the staggering local, and national, rise in knife crime, and the resulting life-changing injuries and mortality.

For the year ending March 2019, there was an 8% increase (to 43,516) in police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument compared to the previous year - excluding figures from Greater Manchester Police. This is the highest number in comparable records began in March 2011.

On Merseyside, figures for the year ending in March 2019 showed that there were 1,404 offences involving a knife - including 12 offences of attempted murder, 841 ‘assaults with injury and assaults with intent to cause serious harm’, and 7 homicidal offences.

Figures from Merseyside Police show that, for the year April 2018 - March 2019, such assaults translated into 255 ‘hospital admissions for ‘assault by a sharp object’.

Considering this, on 255 occasions, there will have been bystanders who, with better education and equipment, could have provided life-saving bleeding control treatment to those stricken by knife crime.

KnifeSavers wants to help people faced with these situations, and prevent the resulting psychological devastation for the families and friends affected.

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