KnifeSavers values the support
of individuals and organisations,
from small to medium enterprises
to major leading companies.

Many businesses support KnifeSavers by working together with us on achieving our aims and by donating every year.

Download the KnifeSavers app

The KnifeSavers app, the only tool worth carrying.


Learn how to control major bleeding from knife wounds, with instructions from specialist trauma surgeons, doctors and nurses.


The techniques on bleeding control are presented in a straightforward, no frills visual style. The app can be used in a real time emergency situation, where a step by step guide shows you how to control major bleeding.

We are always excited to find new people to work with who share our vision of a safer Liverpool. There are many ways you can help us; below are listed just some of the ways you can help us achieve our goal. 

If you are an Individual...

We would love it if you could do the following 3 simple things.

1. Follow us on social media.

2. Download our KnifeSavers App.

3. Donate if you can, every little helps.




If you are a Business...

Become a Sponsor

How it helps us

Donate a fixed amount per year to KnifeSavers
This enables KnifeSavers to progress forward with our awareness campaign and keeps us teaching more people how to control bleeding in the community. It also helps to fund the bleeding control packs which we distribute around the city and keep our app up to date. 

How we help you
- Employee engagement and volunteering
- Recognition locally, on our website and social media
- Training sessions for your team
- Invitations to KnifeSavers events
- Regular contact by newsletter from our team

Please contact us to discuss our different sponsorship packages 

Become a Partner

We are dedicated to educating the people of Liverpool on how to stop the deaths occurring from knife wounds. We greatly value our partnerships with other local and regional organisations – building a network of local businesses and community organisations working together to improve the lives of people living in this wonderful city.

Our partners pledge their support to the KnifeSavers Campaign without giving a fixed donation each year. In return their name will go on our website and we will work together on campaigns to improve the awareness of KnifeSavers throughout the city. 

Please contact us if you would like to become a partner.

If you are a School...

Become a KnifeSaver School

Our KnifeSaver Schools have pledged to have open conversations with their pupils about knife crime and the effects of it. To be certified your school must commit to having our education team delivering our program to your pupils and to using our resources to help raise awareness amongst your school community. The school must also be taking steps to combat the number of pupils carrying knives and be educating the pupils on the dangers of knifecrime. The school will be listed on our website and social media as being a KnifeSaver school. You will also be given school packs to help kickstart fundraising campaigns in the school to buy your own bleeding control pack and help fund them being placed in a public place in your community.

Come on our training courses

We deliver a practical educational programme throughout our local community and nationally, to equip members of the public with the skills necessary to control bleeding following a knife wound.

By attending our courses you are upskilling the city to deal with the devastating affects of knife wounds on the ground as they occur. We want to give you the knowledge to save a life and to spread this knowledge so that bleeding control is ingrained into the DNA of the city.

Buy a Bleeding Control Pack

The delivery of KnifeSavers ‘Bleeding Control Packs’, provided by Prometheus Medical LTD, which are placed in strategic locations around the city, the number of these is growing every day. Our app and education program explains how to use this specialist equipment.

With the use of Bleeding Control Packs, on a foundation of education and online guidance, KnifeSavers wants to make a positive difference to communities where knife crime has caused devastation, and empower the general public to save the lives of those affected.