How to control
bleeding from a
knife wound.

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What's in the KnifeSaver kit?

1. Clot stimulating gauze

Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is a haemostatic gauze dressing designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhaging. The ChitoGauze® readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing easy wound packing and rapid control of bleeding. The chitosan is impregnated through the dressing, and is specifically designed to limit particle shredding into the wound, making Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro one of the best topical haemostatic agents available for stopping severe bleeding.

Further key features of the Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro include: 

  • X-Ray opaque strip running throughout
  • Z-folded in sterile packaging for ease of application
  • No powders or granules
  • Controls severe bleeding fast

2. Trauma dressing

Designed to control moderate bleeding, the Prometheus Trauma Dressing is compact and easy to fit into medical bags, such as Bleed Control Kits. Hook strips, which adhere to stretch compression bandage, prevent the elastic roll from accidentally unravelling, and secure the bandage throughout the application process. The large, low-adherent pad, combined with the stretch wrap provides truly effective compression in helping to stop the bleed. Key features of the Prometheus Trauma Dressing include:

  • Low-adherent absorbent pad (17cm x 10cm)
  • Elastic wrap with built-in hook control strips
  • Mechanical stretch wrap to bind the wound (150cm x 10cm)
  • Does not contain natural rubber or latex
  • 5 year shelf life

3. Tourniquet

The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide is a tourniquet comprised of high-strength, lightweight alloy components. Its design allows the tourniquet to slide over a limb or, if the limb is trapped, the tourniquet can be rapidly disconnected and reconnected around the limb without rethreading the strap. With one application method for both the arm and the leg, it is considered the easiest tourniquet to operate under stress, which can lead to reduce levels of blood loss and ultimately lead to a higher chance of survival.

Key features of the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet include:

  • A true 1.5’’ strap, designed for increased constricting pressure and comfort
  • Quick release, snap-lock buckle design, allowing rapid routing of the strap around trapped limbs without rethreading.
  • Single application method, regardless of location.

4. Chest seal

The Russell Chest Seal® is a hydrogel-based dressing, designed to cover penetrating chest wounds to allow air to escape from the pleural cavity without being drawn back in. The aim of the Russell Chest Seal® is to minimise lung collapse associated with this injury and to facilitate lung reinflation. The hydrogel base of the dressing makes an excellent airtight and secure seal. The chest seal’s valve mechanism, constructed from a thin but tough material makes it extremely compliant, allowing it to open and close with very small changes in pressure, whilst the valve’s transparent appearance means that the dressing can be positioned accurately over the wound. Features of the Russell Chest Seal® include the following:

  • Fast, easy and intuitive to apply
  • Patented hydrogel base, designed to stick and stay stuck
  • Compact and easy to pack into bags such as the Bleed Control Kit.

5. Gloves

Powder-free nitrile examination gloves, to be used for personal protection. 

6. Scissors

Stainless Steel blades, with a tough, durable plastic handle.