Liverpool Bar Staff Trained

Liverpool City Centre Bar Staff Trained and Specialist Bleeding Control Packs donated in UK’s first Bleeding Control Training Event of its Kind.


In the first ever event of its type in the UK, bar and door staff from Liverpool’s city centre bars and clubs were trained in bleeding control techniques by the KnifeSavers team, who themselves have all worked or are working in NHS major trauma centres and have significant experience of treating patients with life-threatening knife injuries. The event saw over 60 bar staff and managers, publicans and door staff amongst others learn about the basic biology of bleeding and the techniques required to control it, followed by a practical session where everyone present had the opportunity to run through what they had just learned.

All the bars, clubs and pubs who had staff undergo the training were donated a KnifeSavers bleeding control pack by the campaign team to hold in their establishment.

The KnifeSavers team were proud to have helped make a significant chunk of the city centre nightlife of Liverpool a safer place today.


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