31 Bleeding Control Kits issued in Widnes


Peter Bradley from Widnes has been working tirelessly to ensure his part of the North West is a safer place.

Peter had been collaborating with the KnifeSavers campaign to achieve this. He was awarded funding after a successful bid, and purchased over 30 KnifeSavers bleeding control kits, which he has distributed to almost all of the pubs in Widnes. 

The next step is large scale training event for the pub staff from the KnifeSavers team.

Peter said:

"Following the murder of my good friend Chris Thornton at his pub in Widnes, I decided that I wanted to do something positive. I came across an article about Knifesavers issuing bleed control kits to bars in Liverpool city centre. I decided that I wanted to do the same in Widnes so I contacted knifesavers through their website asking for advice. I received a call from Dr Misra a few days later and, after an extremely positive discussion, made contact with Widnes police and the Widnes Pubwatch group. After meeting and outlining what I wanted to do, I set up a Justgiving page and started fundraising. With the help of the police, Pubwatch and permission from Chris’ family and massive support from the people in the town, I have now issued bleed control kits to thirty-one pubs in Widnes. This is just the start!"

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